Thunder Crystal

Celawinos (Lv275)
Drop: ◇Celawinos, Thunder Crystal, Garabestea, Thunder Beast Claw
Attr: Wind→Fire
Weak: Earth→Water
Exp: 221,000
Hexeyag Forest [Deepest Part] - See Map

Hulam Nemes [Armor]
1: Hulam Brut x1
2: Warm Fur x4
3: Mysterious Bark x2
4: Thunder Crystal x1
Lograth City

Hulam Ries [Armor]
1: Hulam Brut x1
2: Flexible Shell x4
3: Thunder Crystal x1
4: Strong Metal x6
Lograth City

Rai-rai Drum [Canes]
1: Den-den Drum x1
2: Water Repellent Leather x5
3: ◇Blitz x1
4: Thunder Crystal x3
Kakeula City

Raiju Jiulong 100 [Throwing]
1: Sage Dragon Bone x10
2: Thunder Jewel x2
3: Thunder Crystal x7

Pex Earring x1 [Special]
Chasing Lv170
1: Fine File x2
2: Thunder Crystal x1
3: Big Horn x2
4: Sharp Crest x2

Book of Thunder x1 [Canes]
Carpentry Lv171
1: Jet Black Liquid x1
2: Old Magic Manual x1
3: Verdure Augite x1
4: Thunder Crystal x1

Quick Gauntlet x1 [Special]
Chasing Lv200
1: Gauntlet x1
2: Thunder Crystal x3
3: Wind of Rebellion x30
4: Foxxus Claw x2


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